We had the opportunity to sit and chat with Chandra Perkins, the owner of Mia Bella Salon in Bentonville and founding partner of Shear Kindness, to hear her story and reflections on the initiative she and Brittney Moore created as a way to serve those in need.
Shear Kindness started in Aug of 2008 (click for story), and was created as a way of providing professional salon treatment to women and children who are in a crisis time of their lives, specifically those who come from backgrounds of abuse and neglect.

Listen in…

Shear Kindness started with a haircut but it has become about so much more.  Through this idea people are acting with the hope of becoming a part of the healing process through the restoration of outer beauty.  However, the true motivation is the desire to restore the inner beauty and to reveal the greater image that lives within us all.

One year later, Shear Kindness is now moving forward thanks to many stylists just like Chandra, countless volunteers and gracious supports.  It’s a total team effort and we look forward to sharing their stories in the months to come.

For more information on how to get involved in Shear Kindness, you may visit the Initiative page or send an email to ShearKindness@CobblestoneProject.org.