After finishing out 2 years only a few weeks ago, Brittany and Chloe have compiled some thoughts on the crazy and wonderful journey that has been, and will continue to be, 3 Bags in 2 Days.



“We are now at our year two marker and about 4,400 bags later, it still hasn’t hit us that this is our life. When we started this, little did we know how much it would grow and how much it would affect others and us. This year has been such a great year for us with meeting new faces and developing really strong friendships with the people who volunteer with us and also the people we have the privilege of serving. It has been on our hearts to do more and what that looks like we are slowly figuring out. The Lord is just providing opportunity after opportunity of showing how little ol’ us is capable of making an impact. We have been able to partner with so many organizations like:: RE Baker Elementary School, Oakdale Middle School, CASA of NWA, Help Portrait of NWA, NWA Hope Center, First United Methodist Church, Central United Methodist Church, New Heights Student Ministries, Bentonville Ozone, and countless others. It’s just so neat to get the privilege of playing a part in what the Lord is doing. We don’t take it for granted and we appreciate our community for stepping up and joining alongside of us in our mission. We are so looking forward to how this ministry will grow over the next year and cannot wait for you all to be a part of it, so stay tuned.”




“Holy. Cow. Words cannot even explain the thoughts and words that are running though my mind. All this started with a cookie on November 14th, 2009?! We are almost 4,500 bags in just because of a simply interaction and dessert? It is crazy to me that people caught the vision, and continue to catch it. There is nothing more humbling than someone partnering with us because they see the value of distributing deodorant, just like we do. The bag isn’t even the main point, it is the relationship. Distributing these items allows a door for a relationship to be slowly opened. It establishes a sense of trust, dignity and respect. What a humbling thing to be able to love someone through something as simple as basic necessities. So many new relationships (both volunteer, organization, and client-wise) have been fostered over the past 2 years, I couldn’t even count them if I tried. I am more passionately in love with people now more than ever. It is such an encouragement to not be on this journey alone. It brings so much joy to me to see NWA changing, to see the love and the power of the Lord flowing through people and flowing through 3B2D. Saying “thank you” doesn’t even really begin to communicate my thankfulness for the community that I live in and those that so selflessly dedicate time, energy, and resources to continue on with the efforts of 3B2D. “