Special thanks to everyone who participated in January’s Restoration Village Service day…what a great day in a Great Room.

Saturday’s service day offered a unique chance for all of the volunteers to spend time together in the same room and stay nice a warm.

It was a true joy to spend some time putting on some new painting and beginning to install some paneling into the Great Room of the Lodge @ Restoration Village so that it will continue to be a place of warmth and comfort for the women and children that call the Village home.

In so many ways, it was great time…

From world class trim carpentry (I didn’t realize glue could be subsituted for nails)…

to the best trim painter in world just happening to be with us (don’t tell James’ wife what he was doing b/c he has trim at home to paint also)

with old friends

and new friends

it was a wonderful day!
Still some work to do to finish off the Great Room, but we made a lot more progress than we had expected.  Had the paint dried a little quicker (on a cold day) we may have actually finished off the panel installation.

The Christmas decorations are put away and some more wood was moved down near the furnace so things are falling into place.

We appreciate all the people that came out and continue to come out to poor their time and effort into a place that is truly remarkable.  We may not live there, but it’s a home to us also.

Next month awaits….come and join us.