The Oct 2nd Saturday at Restoration Village provided many opportunities for people to engage in meeting not only the needs of the Village but also of some local clothing providers.

The sounds of chainsaws filled the air at the Village as we began the process of cutting down dead trees to use as fire wood for the heater at the Lodge. Lots of volunteers, lots of wood, and now we are just about ready to start splitting. Nov will be a great month for that.

On another note, a group of ladies attacked the winter clothing that was in the storage shed. All the clothes were inventoried and the there was enough clothing to provide for the women and children of Restoration Village.

Out of the excess, additional children’s clothes were donated to the Community Kids Closet.

November will be a great month as we will distribute the remaining men’s clothing and sleeping bags to Seven Hills Homeless Shelter in Fayetteville.

Thanks to everyone that help…very productive day and great time to experience the friendships we’ve made over the past year.