It would seem like any other get together. Kids running around laughing, women talking about families, men grouped together sharing stories of their own. You would expect to see this in any backyard or living room in America, not in a laundry mat. However, that was the scene from February’s Laundry Love Project in Rogers.

As we fed quarter after quarter into the machines, moved laundry from washer to dryer, folded and stacked piles of clothes….we talked and we shared. Language barriers did not get in the way, being strangers did not matter, cultures and status had no place. We were just a group of friends hanging out on a Friday night.

With every washing machine and dryer going, we told the triumphs of our children, we heard to heart break of lost jobs.  We shared the horror stories of the recent ice storm, and we had hope for the times to come.

This iniative isn’t one of just service.  It is of relationships and love.  It is just as rewarding for the ones who serve, as it is for the ones who are served.

As we launch into this new year, I hope you will consider how you can participate. I mean who doesn’t like hanging out with friends on a Friday night?

For more info, go to the Laundry Love Project page.