From Jennifer Arkins….

Rogers LLP celebrated the 4th of July at the Westwood Laundry Mat.

We had everyone out serving up hot dogs, washing and folding, and continuing to build relationships with our regular guests (we even had a donation of very gently used stuffed animals that were a huge hit with the kids!)

While our typical crazy numbers were lower, the amount of love and kindness was just as high.

The smaller number of guests made our usual chaotic night much more laid back. It gave all the helpers time to stop and engage with our guests. Relationships were strengthened, and…

…it gave our team time to regroup and remember why we do this.


For one mom who has been coming since February, has 2 children expecting a 3rd, and still looking for work. Clean clothes shouldn’t be a luxury for her and her children.

For one father who provides for his wife, daughter, and her children…it gives the little extra buffer to make ends meet in a tight household.

The end of summer is fast approaching and with the start of school the need for laundry will increase.

So thankful that we are able to be a part of providing for the community, in hopes we will one day be without need. To those that serve, bake, gather, and give to make this iniative such a success.

We love you guys! See you next month!