Searching for relief from an unyielding economy and battling relentless heat for weeks on end make it difficult for anyone to think even leaving the house…much less about buying school supplies and spending a little extra for haircuts.
Every year, Samaritan Community Center offers relief to thousands of families before school starts by providing backpacks full of school supplies for kids of all ages.

Shear Kindness had the privilege of partnering to help connect local salons to provide free haircuts, making hundreds of kids feel special and look great for school.

We had the opportunity to talk with Chandra Ryan Perkins, one of the founders of Shear Kindness, to hear how the two day events went.

Stylists from salons all over Northwest Arkansas joined together to give out free smiles and free haircuts.

Here is what some of them had to say when asked “Why did you decide to come give haircuts for FREE today?”

“I love to help and give back when I can. It’s just so sweet to see the kids’ faces and to be able to help them out with a haircut to get them ready for school” – Aubrey Smith, Freshair

“I remember at the start of school always getting my hair cut and picking out my clothes for the first day. Everyone deserves that opportunity!” – Rachel Shannon, The Parlor

“Selfishly, I get such fulfillment from doing this. I look into those eyes and know there is so much behind them. I think the biggest part is realizing that I can give them just 5 minutes of time while I’m cutting their hair and make them feel so special.” – Martha Marie Lewis, The Parlor

What was the most meaningful part of today for you?

“Seeing the kids smile!”  Pam Krummick, Acropolis Salon & Day Spa

“When I’m in a salon everyday that’s always full, I forget sometimes that this is a luxury that not everyone gets.” Rachel Shannon, The Parlor

“Hearing a mom say she was afraid her son would be picked on because of his hair. It was nice to help set her at ease just by giving her son a haircut” Kim Warren, Acropolis Salon & Day Spa

“When I think about peoples needs, I think about food and clothes, but I don’t think about haircuts. I work everyday doing this, but don’t really realize how many kids need  a haircut. I’m happy to be able to use my skill to help out!”  Betty Cash, Freshair

We want to extend a special thank you to all of the salons that made Shear Kindness possible to include

Accents Salon
Acropolis Salon & Day Spa
The Beauty Station
Career Academy of Hair Design
Chandra Ryan Perkins Salon
Mirage Hair Salon
The Parlor
Pink by Julie
Reflections Salon
Salon Craze
Tammie Cavness
Urban Image

If you would like more information on Shear Kindness, please visit the initiative page or send an email to & we’ll be in touch.