“Can something as simple as a haircut change the world?"

Saturday we began to see the answer.

Three stylists from Mia Bella Salon in Bentonville (2111 E Central, Suite 1 or 271-0000) volunteered their time and talents to make a rainy day a bit more beautiful for the women and children at Restoration Village.

Little boys grinning ear to ear as the clippers skimmed their necks; little girls admiring their precious new trims with pride as they looked in the mirror; tired mommies being rejuvenated by fresh new styles; and stylists who came to do for free what they do daily, being visibly moved by the impact of their service for these families.

So back to the question: "Can something as simple as a haircut change the world?"

For these busy moms who do all they can for their kids and sometimes don’t have time for themselves, a chance to be pampered by someone else is a rare luxury.

For some it may have been just a haircut, for others their simple haircuts seemed to give a sense of worth and value that could be seen on their faces. Stress, anxiety and the heaviness of life seemed to fall from their shoulders as their cut hair fell to the ground.

Three stylists who came to perform basic haircuts, surely were rewarded with a sense of purpose beyond themselves as they watched their simple act of kindness transform into a gift of dignity and beauty.

For those of us involved in Shear Kindness, our world is beginning to change…with just a simple haircut.

HUGE thanks to Mia Bella Salon in Bentonville and Chandra Meyers (owner/color specialist), Stephanie Pinches (color specialist) and Sandra Brodie (stylist) for their unbelievable heart!

If you would like to help next time (targeting Dec), please contact Brittney Moore @ brittney@cobblestoneproject.org

Mia Bella Salon supports 1st Shear Kindness Initiative!