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Shear Kindness makes its way into our first school! With the help of local stylists (Mia Bella Salon in Bentonville) donating their time and skills, Shear Kindness was able to work with R.E. Baker in providing free haircuts to some of our students.

Permission slips went home and the children were explained about what was going to be happening. They were SO excited! They asked social workers and counselors for days when "haircut" day would be.

As we picked up the kids one by one, you could sense their excitement as some of the girls had not received a haircut in over a year.

Almost all the kids wanted to change their "look", and their smile when they saw their new haircut was priceless!

The story that stands out to me the most is when one boy was asked how he wanted his hair cut.  He said, "I want to look like Mr. Young, our principal" (what a testimony for positive role models!).  When you know Mr. Young, you can understand why the students not only want to look like him, but want to be like him.  When Mr. Young heard, he came right down to see the young man get his hair cut and to give the stylists an up close look at the style. But Mr. Young’s hair was also in need of a haircut, so in the chair he goes.


"Young" Mr. Young, and Mr. Young, both the same hair cut, even down to the same gel! But it doesn’t stop there! Mr. Young takes "young" Mr. Young and shows him off all over school and to his classmates. I have never seen a child so proud.

It was an inspiration to us all how one act of kindness and one personal touch can make such a difference.

Thank you RE Baker and Shear Kindness for making this day happen!

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If you want to learn more about Shear Kindness or how you can become involved, please visit the Shear Kindness initiative page for details.