Siloam Springs Laundry Love officially kicked off Sept 4th at the Soap Opera Laundromat on South Lincoln Street…here is a recap and pictures from that night…

Siloam Springs’ first Laundry Love was all about anticipation and provision coming together.

Our small volunteer team arrived with great expectations, but left with even greater hope as everything came together to make this a memorable night.

We were blessed to have a man (who came to the laundromat to take part in Laundry Love) take on the much needed role of translator for some of our Spanish speaking guest. He was able to provide a critical bridge of communication so that everyone could participate in this night.

Big thanks to the Laundromat staff who were also a big help in providing the information we needed to make the Soap Opera Laundromat our new Friday night home.

The kids–especially a little girl with a sweet smile, provided the energy we needed to help make the anticipation of the night come alive.

The volunteers provided the caring hands and hearts that showed love and consideration for everyone there.

The gratefulness of the many families who came provided that overwhelming sense of what it means to give, to love, and to help others in such a simple way.

The quarters, given by the generosity of others, provided the funds to which this adventure would not otherwise be possible.

We were so excited to see how everything came together and what beautiful provision we had been given for all things needed.

We left that night, tired—the good kind of tired.

Many of the guest who came asked questions about the next one, and they were sure to tell us that they know of others they will be bringing — people, like them, who just need a little help during a chaotic time.

We can’t wait to watch it happen all over again!

The next Siloam Spring Laundry Love will be held on Oct 2nd beginning at 6:00 pm.  For more detail on how to get involved in NW Arkansas, visit the Laundry Love initiative page for details and contact information.

Thank are so many people to thank for making this become reality…we love and appreciate you all.

(Laundry Love Project was created by Just One and to-date there are over 50+ Laundry Love Projects both across the US and around the world)