Huge thank you to Melanie Allen from Disney Consumer Products for helping to coordinate the donation of some children’s and adults sleeping bags for the Cobblestone Project to distribute.

First of all, why are sleeping bags so valuable?  There are so many ways that they are used…

1.  Seven Hills Homeless Shelter can distribute them at their day center for the homeless and/or near homeless.

2.  Sleeping bags can be used by the numerous Women’s and Children’s Shelters in NW Arkansas to replace linens or sent home with someone once they leave the shelter.

3.  What little girls doesn’t want a Disney Princess sleeping bag?  How much is that smile worth when they receive it?  Especially when they may be victims of abuse or have recently lost their home.  It’s amazing to see the smiles and excitement when one is unrolled by a child.

Second, the adult sleeping bags will go to Seven Hills Homeless Shelter and remaining children’s sleeping bags to Restoration Village.

Thanks for trusting us to make sure that these sleeping bags make their way to a place where they are needed most.

It’s good to know that those that receive them not only get a sleeping bag, but they receive one already filled with love.