What if you could make a small investment that guaranteed a great return? Isn’t that the deal we all want to make?
That’s Laundry Love. We believe that the small investments of quarters and time will yield enormous return. The quarters provide our neighbors with clean clothes, and doing laundry and sharing a meal together facilitates relationships.

Clean clothes help restore a measure of dignity. And relationships – neighbors entering into another neighbor’s story – are the means for ending cycles of poverty.

It is amazing to see young leaders in our community catch on to this reality. Students like senior Jordan Maass (Rogers High School) and Duru Erkan (Woodland Junior High) have led fellow students in quarter drives that are helping real families and bringing us closer to our vision of a community without need.

Duru’s example shows how a small investment can yield a great return. She initiated a quarter-drive competition among homerooms and even raised awareness throughout the whole school while speaking at a pep rally. Her initiative and leadership led to $480 in quarters from the Woodland students – which directly impacts at least 30 families.

Jordan and Duru are just two young leaders who are helping make a difference today and leading their peers into a lifetime of work toward creating a community without need.

Here are a few ways we can follow their example:



  • Start a quarter-drive in your home or work. It only takes a few quarters to impact people in a meaningful way. Contact us if you need help getting started.


Hope to see you at the Laundromat!


(post contributed by Cobblestone Project intern Max Hill)