What an amazing to watch the Springdale Laundry Love kick off at the Park Street Laundromat.  Hearing the stories it is clear that in one day a  new community is beginning to form.

The Springdale team was blessed to received a generous donations from KLRC & Arvest Bank…read about it here.

Here’s a first hand account of the day and some pictures…

From Amy Glover…

Here’s a couple of short stories.  I had a chance to visit with “G” who used to have a great job as a truck driver.  He’s originally from Louisana and everything was great, until Katrina hit.  Now he’s here, a grown man, with 2 roommates just to make it.  He was all smiles Saturday.  It was like he had received the best gift ever and all it took was a few quarters to do ONE load of laundry!

Another one, one I didn’t expect, came from Rick, the owner.  He stayed the entire time Saturday, helping and serving.  After things had slowed down I had a chance to ask him what he thought.  He said that he hadn’t had that many people in the mat at once since the ice storm.  I think he was in shock!  I just pray he and his family were blessed!  He actually got the giving fever, and opened up some cheetohs and drinks for everybody and even offered to open up his machines to get more quarters out!

The last one is about a man whom we met a week before the initiative started.  We were in the mat looking around, checking everything out.  In walks this burly man with a huge smile on his face.  He speaks to us immediately as he puts in his one load of clothes. He tells us how he is down to his last pair of clean pants, as he doesn’t have many clothes.  We make small talk and eventually tell him what will be taking place in just a few short days.  He got very excited, and though he didn’t show up on  Saturday, we know we will see him soon!

And of course, the precious kids!  How excited they were just to receive love!  The toys, the quarters for video games, coloring books, and DONUTS!!!!  They truly brought some joy into that place!!!!

I could tell more, but I’m sure we all could fill up pages with stories!!

To find out how to get involved in Laundry Love Project in NW Arkansas, visit the initiative page for details…