Are you looking for a way to get involved with the NWA community? We know that many people want to do their part to make a difference in the lives of those in our community who are underrepresented. Many times the question is…how?
Several members of Christ Community Church (CCC) found that art can be a great pathway for forming a relationship and making a difference. Volunteers of CCC came out to Walker Park to interact with the homeless and under-resourced community members participating in Art in the Park.

So why did CCC choose Art in the Park? One volunteer, Kate Cully, explained that the members of CCC are always looking for ways to follow their church’s values and build relationships with under-resourced and overlooked neighbors. This is one of the goals of Cobblestone. Art in the Park allows volunteers to come spend time, make art, serve food, eat a meal and spend a day with neighbors they might not ordinarily spend time with.

Cully said, “I think it’s difficult to love and care for people that we don’t know, so Art in the Park is a great bridge builder to get to know our neighbors.”

This example set by the members of Christ Community Church is one that we can all follow. Volunteering is not just a way to spend an hour every few weeks to feel more involved, but an opportunity interact with and learn from those members of our community that we too often ignore.

If you want to follow this example, reach out to us at Cobblestone and learn the specific ways you can get involved with any of our initiatives.

You can also come join us tomorrow, April 18, or Saturday, May 16 at Walker Park to build your own bridges and experience Art in the Park first hand.