It was a big week for The Farm as this marked the first Harvest week and first distribution of Harvest Share subscriptions.  After months and months of hard work and managing through less that ideal weather conditions, The Farm is producing food!
It’s still early in the season and while the Broccoli was more abundant that we’ve ever seen it, the potatoes and lettuce weren’t quite ready.  As a result, it will be a few more weeks before we are able to maximize the produce being given to local feeding programs. However, we should see some amazing progress over the coming weeks as the summer weather pattern begins to set it.

Friday, May 27th was first Harvest and we are thankful for all of those who came out to be a part such an incredible time.

On Saturday, we caught up with Gary at The Farm in Fayetteville & Rachel at our Bentonville Farmer’s Market Booth

Rachel at The Farm’s Bentonville Farmer’s Market Booth

So very thankful for everyone that came out on Saturday as well to help with cultivating, maintenance and planting.  It’s been an incredible season so far and it looks like we are well on our way to keep that momentum going.