The Garden initiative has been in operation since Sept of last year and it has continually been in a process of shaping, evolving & finding new ways to serve our Community.  In that spirit, we are excited to announce a shift of the Jones Center kitchen team to relocate to the
We currently have an incredible relationship with Debbie Rambo, Executive Director of Samaritan Community Center, and her team through the Our Step initiative, Laundry Love, The Farm & now we hope to build upon it through these efforts.  It’s exciting to see how the original vision of World Garden owners Rick and Cindy Boosey continues to grow and develop in our community by providing meals to those without.  It’s amazing to see how a few over-ripe bananas have now turned into a entire center being able to open one more day a week.

Note:  the World Garden kitchen in will continue to serve as a kitchen on Sunday’s in their current capacity.