On Sept 12th, Sue Rowen, Pat Okeson, Mary Middleton and Jan Horswell represented Cobblestone Project at the Bella Vista Community Outreach Fair and it was beautiful. Browse a few pictures and then read on…

…we are honored and humbled by the incredible actions of these incredible ladies. Their hearts and actions are moving communities to love unconditionally and serve our neighbors in need. Truly inspiring.

At the fair these ladies showcased the various initiatives to include Shear Kindness, Laundry Love Project, Our Step and the Harvest feeding program with World Garden in Bentonville. They shared the needs to support both World Garden’s efforts and the needs to help the Our Step program such as household items, furniture, etc. And, it’s incredible because we are already seeing the benefit with people coming forward with items to give away through these initiatives!

We are so deeply grateful to these ladies for what they did, and we know without a shadow of a doubt that what is ahead is going to be incredible. We are deeply indebted and so thankful that they have come alongside to be a part of “building a Community without Need”.