Over a Thanksgiving dinner, a family gathers to share their love of serving those around.

One thing leads to another and a Cobblestone Project connection takes place.

Here’s the story from the perspective of one that was there…

“We heard of Jacob’s affinity for helping those in need and how the family has participated in some church events giving to those needs. It brought to mind the Cobblestone Project, so we told them about it. By the next day, the website had been viewed and a connection was made.

In the following weeks, the family was hooked. While rolling change from the family collection jar, they decided to do some laundry for others. On December 23rd and armed with some quarters, the family walked into a laundromat with service on their agenda.

Many small stories came from that event, but one stands out.

A woman whose laundry was paid for approached Jacob’s mother, and opened up to her. Apparently on that day, every person she had encounted was rude to her. She had just been involved in a minor car accident, and the other car drove away from it.

The simple act of a 12 year old buying her laundry “restored her hope in people”. One family can make a difference with as little as a handful of quarters.”

In the picture…Jacob and Graham

It’s amazing to see how our lives and communities are connected through story and how the simple actions of a 12 year old boy can make a difference.

This is what it’s all about.

If you want to get involved in Laundry Love Project, send an email to llp@cobblestoneproject.org, or visit the founder’s of Laundry Love Project, JustOne (www.just4one.org).