The following email was receieved in response to our “Deeply Saddened” posting regarding comments as to the ability of one person to make a meaningful difference in our community.

With permission from Terri Rose, I asked if we could post these comments because I feel there is power and truth in her words.  Truth that one person can really make a difference for others that can mean life or death.

From Terri Rose,

I wanted to add my sentiment to your Cobblestone Project update about the interview in the paper.

I work for the Arkansas Crisis Center, as the Public Relations Coordinator.  We operate the states only 24/7 suicide hotline.

I don’t think that most people realizes what one time, or one chance opportunity to volunteer can mean to someone else.

As for our organization and what we do, that one person that answers our phones as a volunteer, might be the only one person that has taken the time to show they care, and in turn save a life.

For us, one shift of 3-4 hours might sometimes save up to 4 or 5 lives, literally.

Our mission is to restore hope, empower people, and save lives. I personally have spent a Christmas morning volunteering at Seven Hills with my 3 children, and I can’t express you the gratitude and humbleness I saw in those individuals there that morning.

I don’t normally speak out on posts, but the message you’re talking about hits close to home for me. It really irritates me that someone would so carelessly make a comment in print that would effect someone else’s perception of volunteering at any local organization.

Sure the problem is bigger than one person, but if we all stand up and lend a hand, it will improve it overall.

Okay…….off my soapbox.

Did you catch that?  Four or Five lives potentially saved in one three to four hour shift…unbelieveable and inspiring. 

Their call center receives over 5,000 calls a year. 

Wait, 5,000 calls a year? 

That’s a whole lot of pain, but the comfort and help that is provided is all volunteer driven.  That means it is people helping people, or one person helping one other person.

I would say that the power of one person being available to answer a phone is worth a tremendous amount.  Afterall, how can we possibly count the cost of one life that is saved? 

You can’t…you simply can’t.