For those of you have been around a two year old for any extended length of time know the syndrome. The constant, persistent search to know why!
When we began Laundry Love in Fayetteville, the overwhelming response was to understand just that…..WHY?

Our first Rogers Laundry Love was held last week, and it proved to be no different. From the owners of the laundry mat, to the people who walked through the door, to the friends that I mentioned it to in passing, to my own children…..WHY?

I have thought a long time about this, and I wanted to share the answers that I have seen…….

To the man from El Salvador who has worked across the country to provide for a family here and far away…..that is why.

To the woman who is desperately searching for work so her family from Minnesota can join her…..that is why.

To the person who has never considered poverty as a problem in Northwest Arkansas….that is why.

To my children who are being taught lessons of kindness and servitude, to see the value in each and every person….that is why.

To myself who is given a new perspective on my own priorities….that is why.

The stories, the answers are all there. We just have to look for them.

Too have eyes like a two year old may not be such a bad thing. When you begin to question and search for answers….you gain knowledge. And as the saying goes “knowledge is power”.

Laundry Love has the power to make a difference in my life, in your life, in the life of those around us. I am excited to be apart of this initiative and look forward to having the “why’s” answered!