It’s my pleasure to share that this need has been met by an incredible donation of the perfect refrigerator!  Thanks for all that responded, and thanks to the person who donated it.  It was delivered to the family last week!  Amazing gift!  Below is a copy of the thank you note from the family who recieved the refrigerator (names removed)…


An extreme “thank you” for helping us in our time of need.

My husband of almost 20 years has called it quits – no one can understand why. I know God is my provider but it still hurts that I have to rely on other women’s busy husbands to help me, even in the basics.

3 years ago we were living in a penthouse apartment overlooking [location removed]. I don’t even want to be here in NWA, no offense, but God told me if I come here “all will be well.”

Pray for a miracle for our family to be healed. My husband’s father left his mother of 17 years (and 8 children) when he was 14. My oldest daughter Kelly is 14. It’s all so sad.

I was just offered a job as a cashier at [specifics removed]. I have not worked outside the home for 15 years. Pray I stay in the center of God’s will.

Hope to help the Cobblestone Project at some future date.

Thanks for your sacrifice.

Original Flare Posted:

Due to circumstances beyond her control a mom and her 5 children recently move from Colorado to NW Arkansas and is without any financial support from family.

One need is a standard sized refrigerator and financial circumstances prevent this from being purchased