Summer officially begins this coming weekend, and no surprise to anyone that this Spring has had its challenges. However, we have learned much and have been making adjustments along the way to make the most of this summer production.
We were able to accomplish a whole lot this week including planting another 12 rows of corn, some much needed maintenance on our squash & okra crops, and pruning of our first round of 200 tomato plants.

Harvest for week of June 20th – 571 lbs & Season to Date (5 weeks) – 1,531 lbs with hunger relief Donations to Samaritan Community Center & Central United Methodist Church Fayetteville Community Meals Program

Gary’s weekly update

KLRC at The Farm

It was a true gift to be chosen as the focus community initiative by KLRC & we have had an incredible increase in not only interest in The Farm, but also a lot more volunteers during a time we really need the help.

Last Friday, Keri, Kalynn & Jeremy came out to visit and help with the Harvest & we had an opportunity to hear their impressions of The Farm.

Faces of The Farm – Anita Rausch

Anita has been with The Farm from the very beginning & we are truly grateful for all that she has given to make The Farm a reality. She quietly serves almost every week asking for nothing in return but a smile.  Thank you Anita!  You are a gift to so many.

Friends from SVI

We have had the privilege of working with the team from SVI on a pilot plot program to see if The Farm can serve to accomplish both our primary goals as well as the goals of building community within this incredible company in NW Arkansas.

We had an opportunity to talk with Michelle from SVI to hear about their experience so far.

If you would like to participate with The Farm, we invite you to join us every Friday and Saturday for our open volunteer days. However, at this time of the year there is always something to be done at The Farm. For more information, please visit The Farm volunteer page or email