It’s been an incredible week at The Farm with almost too much to capture, but here’s a quick look at everything that took place over past couple of weeks.

Gary’s Weekly Update


We are truly thankful for all of the people who serve on behalf of their company or organization during the week.  This week we had the pleasure of hosting…

Friends from Walmart Finance FPMO

Together they planted over 200 tomatoes & ensured that we’ll have a steady harvest of tomato plants over the summer.  It is so encouraging to participate with such a great group of people who embody their company’s dedication to supporting local agriculture and hunger relief.

Special thanks to Westwood Gardens in Fayetteville who donated the 200 tomato plants.  These were tomato plants that they had extra inventory of and would have had to throw away because majority of tomato plants have already been planted for the year.  However, we were able to take them and use them at The Farm.  Westwood Gardens has been such a friend to The Farm this season and we are truly thankful.

Fellowship Bible Church of NW Arkansas Collegiate Ministiry

We were also thankful to have college students from Fellowship Bible Church of NW Arkansas this week as they were able to help out with a lot of maintenance activities to ensure the plants are able flourish.  Fellowship and their students have been an incredible source of inspiration and help for this initiative.  It’s great to have their help and we could not accomplish all of this without them.


Friday Harvest!

On Friday, we officially planted out 100th row!  This is an incredible accomplishment and a testament to the hard work by so many in our community.  On to the next 100 rows!

The Harvest is really starting to come in and the time of the year when all of the hard work by so many begins to truly bear fruit.  Total harvest for the week came in at 440 lbs bringing our season to date harvest totals to 960 lbs in only 4 weeks!

Folks, that’s a lot of food in 4 weeks!  Compare that to last year’s total harvest of approximately 5,000 lbs.  In four weeks we are at 20% of last year’s total harvest & this is just from the spring crop.  Just wait until we start harvesting the potatoes and the summer harvest comes in.  So, despite a tough start to the season, we are catching back up quickly.

We are thankful to everyone that comes out to help harvest, and this week we say an extra thanks to Aaron & Christy Wilson who seem to be out every week to lend a hand!  Thankful for hearts like these!

Saturday Service Day…

Saturday’s service day had an amazing turn of out of volunteers to include families and members of Work Matter’s Engage!

We also had a few minutes to catch up with Aaron & Christy Wilson again at the Bentonville Farmer’s Market to pick up their weekly lug.

Don’t miss some of the pictures from this week…

Hunger Relief Distribution

We also had an opportunity to caught up with Brad Melton who is leading The Cafe initiative every Saturday at the Samaritan Community Center.  In this quick exchange, food harvested from The Farm on Friday is taken to the Samaritan Community Center where it will supplement the food used for meals and distribution to those in our community at risk for hunger insecurity.

How to get get involved over next few weeks…

If you would like to volunteer to spend some time at The Farm (and now’s the time of year we could really use it), please visit our “Volunteer” page for a list of opportunities to serve. However, at this time of year, Gary and the team are at The Farm almost every day, so if you’d like to come out during the week, shoot us a note at and we’ll make sure we can accommodate.