We are happy to announce that Tyson Foods has begun partnering with the Gathering & Distribution efforts of the Cobblestone Project.  This food is picked up and then directly distributed to food pantries & shelters across Northwest Arkansas as well being added to the efforts of The Garden initiative.

This is so important because the protien sources that Tyson Foods adds is vital to ensuring that healthy meals can be offered to those facing hunger and food insecurity in Northwest Arkansas.  In a Washington Post story titled “Poverty Drains Nutrition From Family Diet“, Sharon Kirkpatrick in the department of nutritional sciences at the University of Toronto was quoted

“Over the long term, [food insecurity] could be expected to precipitate and complicate diet-related chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease”

We are especially thankful to Gary Hamm and Penny Moncrief for all of their work to make this happen.  Tyson Foods Hunger Relief efforts are fulfilling a vital need in our community & are a excited to be a part of their important work.

This could not happen without the efforts of the Gathering & Distribution team who over the past year have formed a network of volunteers and connection points that have served over 22 nonproft organizations in Northwest Arkansas.  While their efforts are sometimes not as visible, their impact is significant.

We are honored to be a small part of the larger effort of so many in our community to be a source of hope and relief to those in need.

Additional resources & how you can help…