In early October we were alerted of a situation here in NW Arkansas that captured our hearts.  A family of 5 children that were without their parents was in need of some big help.  In order to help, their grandmother offered to serve as their caretaker; however, the living situation had forced her to spend the nights on their porch in order to create room inside.  If you missed the original story, you can read it here “Family of 5 without Parents is in Need
Since then It has been truly remarkable to see how our NW Arkansas Community has rallied around to help this family.  Here is a quick update of what you have all done.

  • All the kids have new clothing, coats, shoes, bedding, books & toys.
  • There is a “new” sofa for the grandmother and she is sleeping inside now.
  • One of the boys who was sleeping on a piece of foam now has a bed.
  • There is a small chest of drawers that now holds the children’s clothes.
  • There are some small groups who are planning on taking the family to Chuck E. Cheese.
  • There are toys set aside for Christmas and some people are taking care of the rest of the needs
  • Lisa is getting some special time with the girls and is having a girl party in the coming weeks.

On the construction side

  • Wayne Hull is heading up the construction at the house and foundation is being set right now.
  • There have been donations from Home Depot & Lowe’s.
  • There are crews standing by for framing, electrical & roofing
  • Donations received for the family will be used to cover other construction needs

Needless to say spirits are up for the family & hope is present and real because of what you have all done.  Lisa has been the true hero through out all of this because without her none of this would be happening.  She’s amazing.

At this point, all the immediate needs are met.  If new needs arise, we will be happy to share them.  Again, thank you all.  Truly amazing.