December’s 2nd Saturday at Restoration Village matched the volunteers against one of their toughest adversaries yet…wall paper.

But the volunteers emerged victorious once again as they helped prepare two rooms that will allow some new residents to find a home.

And while these efforts are awesome, the real work is just beginning for the staff at Restoration Village as they continue their incredible efforts to put people back on the road to recovery of a “normal life.”

Special thanks to the Community Group of James & Sara Kissinger, Randall & Angie Simmermon and Dave Henderson for helping strip wall paper, paint the rooms in the Lodge, and hang Christmas decorations.  I was lucky enough to be out there yesterday to finish up a few things and the place looked amazing!

Super huge thanks to Jim Prestwood for heading up the days activities and helping to make it a succesful day.

Still much work to do, but it’s the efforts of people just like this that move mountains.  Thank you all!