It’s been a true pleasure to get to know Joshua Segraves. His passion for making a difference in the world is incredible, so when he called two weeks ago we couldn’t let this story go without being told.

This story is about how people can make a difference in the world around them by just taking that first step.

So, we asked Joshua to tell the story in his own words. Enjoy…it’s incredible.

From Joshua Segraves…

Our team had recently formed a committee entitled “meaningful work”, to which I was assigned. Just what is meaningful work, anyway? We discussed and came up with a whole list of things that revolved around the individual being appreciated by the company: evaluations, more money, work / life balance, etc. As we discussed, the conversation slowly moved from being about the individual to the individual being a part of something bigger than himself: protecting the environment, volunteering, providing for those in need.

Of course, we all had day jobs. How could we serve our community in a meaningful way without detracting from our work? We needed something that had a large impact, but would not require a huge time commitment from our team.

We had recently had a bitter cold snap in the area. It was UNBELIVEABLY cold even when completely bundled up. How cold would it be if we didn’t have the resources to purchase appropriate clothing to protect us from the cold? How many people in our community weren’t able to meet the basic need of staying warm in the winter? We have a multiple fundraisers at Wal-Mart, but why wasn’t this need specifically addressed? Our team decided that we would try to meet the need.

It turned out to be incredibly easy to set up. We acquired large boxes from our Facilities department to deposit the coats, decorated the boxes, and posted signs through out the building. The idea was formed on a Tuesday, and we had boxes out the following Monday.

The next two weeks were Christmas and New Years. In spite of this, we were able to collect 85 coats. We figured that was pretty good since so many people were out of the office. The week after New Years, we collected an additional 100+ coats by Tuesday. We were running out of space to store them so we arranged to drop off the 180+ coats collected so far at Samaritan House.

Because of the large influx of coats during the week after New Years, we decided to extend the coat drive for one more week. We were able to collect an additional 159 coats for a grand total of 339 coats! The second half of coats were delivered to the Cobblestone Project, where they will be given to Seven Hills Homeless Shelter as well as distributed to needy families with their Laundry Love initiative. They will be doing laundry for some of the area’s underprivileged and will be distributing the coats on a need basis.

Just an idea, cardboard box, poster board, signs and willing hearts, and 339 coats later, a significant impact to our community. If you get inspiration for a project such as this, ACT ON IT. It is incredible to get to be a part of God’s work at work.

Joshua Segraves
ISD Sam’s Project Mgmt Team

This is the first half of the story because these coats are on schedule to start being delivered at the Fayetteville Laundry Love Project on Friday, February 6th. So, check back for the rest of the story.

Huge thank you to all the Walmart & Sam’s associates who donated coats! Your generosity is incredible and the Cobblestone Project is humbled to be entrusted to help distribute these coats to those in need.

More to come…