Mark Horvath, founder of, has been a visible face in our community for the past two years helping bring awareness to the issue of homelessness.  Through the 1,287 Homelessness Awareness Efforts, Mark has been able to break down our stereotypes, exposure the true face of the homeless and create dialogue towards change.

However, he hasn’t just been a face in our community, his time spent with us in NW Arkansas has lead to real change & the creation of some new initiatives that are making substaintial differences in the lives of people in our community.  Initiatives such as Our Step, The Farm and The Cafe that are responsible for providing permanent housing, food and support structures to those in our community without.

In an effort to continue to empower those without a home, Mark is launching to connect homeless people online and reconnect them to the world again.‘s mission is to give people dealing with poverty and homelessness the tools they need to get online and have a voice. The site teaches them how to sign up for email, open a Twitter account, join Facebook, create a blog and, in general, take advantage of the benefits of online social media. It also has the potential to become a model for virtual case management as it helps build a community among homeless people and support service providers. is a complement to the video blog (vlog), which was launched in 2008 to make the “invisible people” in society more visible. Together, the two sites offer homeless people a unique opportunity to take part in the Internet revolution.

Take a few minutes and watch the video…

Mark has made a real difference in our community and his support has made permanent changes in the lives of many.  Take a few minutes to learn about and find ways to use this tool to help strengthen relationships and connect our neighbors to services and support structures.

As a first step, Cobblestone Project will begin including WeAreVisible cards & resources to those we serve at our Laundry Love, 3 Bags in 2 Days, The Garden and Shear Kindness initiatives.  We believe that these initiatives are just a first step in working creating change.

Thanks to Mark for providing us with these tools as we pursue our dream of “a Community Without Need”.

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