We thought the weather pattern may never change, but it is beginning to look like we may be returning to a normal summer weather pattern and leaving the extreme heat behind.  This is such welcome news as it’s time to begin planting fall crops and we have a lot of ground to make up.
We are also excited to announce that this week our total year to date harvest has reached the 5,000 pound mark! This is more than all of last years harvest & represents a significant milestone for The Farm.  This is an incredible achievement and a great reason to celebrate.  It’s because of our community that this has happened, so congratulations to all!

The best part?  We still have an entire fall planting season left to go!  So, this year should be a substantial increase over last year!  Can’t wait until final season totals are in.

We are in the beginning stages of planning our fall Harvest party which will be held on Saturday, October 22nd.  Stay tuned for more event information as it promises to be an incredible time celebrating together as a community.

Weather & Crop Update

With the weather change it is allowing us to get started with planting of fall crops.  We also were lucky enough to have some measurable rainfall at The Farm over the course of the week.

While the lack of rain and higher temperatures have absolutely taken their toll we will be placing some big bets for the fall in order to make up some lost ground.  Over the next three weeks we will be hurrying to get all the fall plants & seeds in the ground to hope for some great growth during August & early September.

We’ve been battling insects a lot over the past month as the dry conditions have the bugs searching out the moisture in the plants for their relief as well.  As a result, we’ve been battling some of these nasty little critters who like tomatoes as much as we do.

The watermelons and cantelope’s are coming in nicely and we hope to have those ready in about 3 more weeks.

We will need as much help as we can get in order to get everything in the ground as quickly as possible.  So, if you are able to help us, we have extended our Friday & Saturday planting times & would invite you to come and spend some time planting these fall crops.

Please check the volunteer page for more details.

Harvest, Planting & Hunger Relief Update

Harvest amounts this past week were lower as expected due to loss of corn a few weeks ago.  However, the good news is that The Farm is still producing and we are able to meet certain requirements of the harvest.  The Fall harvest will be largely dedicated to hunger relief in order to ensure we end the season as promised.

This week we harvested 173 pounds of food from The Farm with 22 pounds going to hunger relief.

This brings our season to date harvest to exactly 5,000 pounds with 46% (or 2,288 pounds) of the total harvest being given to local hunger relief in Northwest Arkansas!

Additional, we have harvested 781 eggs this season and have been able to donate 33% of those eggs to local hunger relief.

Our Incredible Community

This week we had the opportunity to host the Teen Actions & Support Center at The Farm.  They have been with us from the beginning of the initiative last year & their support has been not only welcome but inspiring.  We are so very thankful for the work they have done and their mission to support the Teens in our community in a mighty way.  Spend a little time check them out & seeing how you may be able to support their mission.

We are again truly grateful for the students and staff of Fellowship College Ministry.  Their consistency and dedication to the community through The Farm have contributed in an incredible way.  They have allowed us to plan & coordinate much needed maintenance, planting, and work around The Farm to best utilize our open volunteer times.  We would not still be harvesting food from The Farm right now without their help.  We are truly thankful for them.

Thanks again to our amazing Northwest Arkansas Community for all you have done.  If you would like more information on ways you can plug into The Farm, please visit our posted volunteer opportunities or email TheFarm@CobblestoneProject.org.

Until next week!