Below is an email that Cobblestone Project received from The Way Ministries after a local family conducted a Good Neighbor Food Drive in Centerton.  The story is powerful because within it lies a story of a cycle being broken, people being helped that don’t forget and return to help those that still have need.
This is a true story of Community Without Need that is forming…

David and Tawny Donell and their 6 children were new to the area when they came to The Way Ministries for some assistance with food because David hadn’t found a job yet. So we loaded them us with some food.

David and Tawny remembered that, and after David got a job they decided to do a food drive on their block and raised some 200 lbs of food and donated it to The Way Ministries at 413 W. Centerton Blvd. to help other families who from time to time find themselves in difficult situations.

Here are some of the pictures of them bringing the food into the building and doing an inventory to see what they had collected.

God Bless and Enjoy God’s Blessings.

Brother Gerry


The Way Ministries