After our first few passes of the plow through the dirt this season, we knew we needed some help.  The 1954 Ferguson Tractor we had been given last season was giving all that it could, but it was going to need some major work in order to get us through the season.  We were committed to doing everything we could with what we have been given; however, after a few emails and phone calls by a very close friend of The Farm, a huge need was filled.
In a pattern that we never expect and are always surprised by, our needs seem to be met before we really even have an opportunity to fully realize them.  It has always felt like Someone is watching over us and bringing the necessary pieces together at just the right time.  Today was another confirmation of that.

This morning Williams Tractor in Fayetteville dropped off a brand new 45 horsepower New Holland tractor for us to use all season!

This is such an incredible gift that will allow us to do the hard work of turning and preparing the ground for this first season when it is especially difficult.

We have all the implements we need as well as a much needed front end loader for the various jobs we’ll have to do around The Farm.

This will make the ground preparation a lot more efficient, be a lot safer for Gary as he tries to navigate around The Farm and allow us to really focus the help of the community on the planting, maintenance and harvesting of the crops instead of busting ground.

We are so thankful for the team at Williams Tractor for their investment into our community and The Farm initiative.  Please take a few minutes to thank them and obviously we would ask that you visit them for any future agricultural or equipment needs that you may have.

If you would like more information on The Farm and how you can be involved, please visit our The Farm initiative page or email farm(at)cobblestoneproject(dot).org