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The advent of smart watches caught the world’s attention. Not because they were amazing accessories (they were!), but because these constantly exposed watches collected permanent scratches faster than a bad driver on a highway. In the midst of their struggle with these scratches, many apple watch users lookedup and pleaded to the invisible delivery drones in the sky “Somone please protect my Apple watch screen!” Well, your prayers have been heard! With our screen guard for smart watches, no longer will your smart watch suffer the scratches of the elements. Every scratch on our Samsung Gear S3 screen protector will self-heal thanks to our nano-memory technology.

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Our Apple watch screen protector is only 0.2mm thick, earning it the title of the world’s most invisible screen protector. Huawei smart watch screen guards can shake off scratches and still be flexible because of our proprietary processes. However our skilled precision is a secret most coveted by our competitors (we catch 2 corporate spies every month!). Yes, all our films are precision made to fit your Smart watches, keeping all ports and buttons totally accessible. So when you choose Gadgetshieldz, you’re looking at the best smart watch screen protectors money can buy.